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Domain Leasing Q & A    DigitalTown Software Group 2014

Q: What is Domain Leasing?

A: Similar to a car lease, domain leasing gives a buyer (lessee) the right to use a domain name over a specified time period while making periodic lease payments to the seller (lessor). Buyers can lease domain names to get access to premium (high value) names without having to pay high upfront costs of normal sales.

Q: Is Domain Leasing Safe?

A: Yes, all leased domains are kept in escrow by an ICANN certified registrar account. During the term of the domain lease, the domain cannot be moved by the lessee or lessor.  The lessee has their own control panel access to the domain name. DigitalTown has partnered with as the accredited ICANN registrar to manage the domains and provide 24/7 support.

Q: What is the Cost of the Escrow Account Fee?

A: The escrow account fees are included in the lease amount. There are no additional fees.

Q: What is the Lease/License Fee?

A: This is the lease payment that you will pay at your determined periods. For example, if you lease for $15 per month, your license fee is $15.

Q: Can I make the payments Quarterly or Yearly instead of monthly?

A: You can determine the payment periods. You can pay monthly, quarterly or even yearly, up 5 years. The longer the lease the longer your lease price is locked in and protects you against price increases. The 5 year lease price is set for up to 5 years for budget purposes.  At the end of the current 5 years we anticipate a 20% increase due to inflation.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum lease term?

A: The minimum lease term is 1 month and the maximum term is 5 years

Q: Can I lease a domain name forever?

A: Yes, you can! The term of the lease can be extended indefinitely

Q: What happens at the end of the lease term? Can I renew the leasing agreement?

A: If you do not inform us via email or terminate your lease through your control panel, the lease automatically renews at the end of each month.

Q: Can someone else buy or lease the Domain name that I leased?

A: No. The lessee has the exclusive right to use the domain. In special cases where two institutions share the same name, the guidelines set by the NIAAA and DigitalTown will be followed.

Q: If I lease a Domain, do I have a right to purchase the name during the leasing period?

A: Currently DigitalTown is not offering theses domains for sale.

Q: How many domains are you currently available for lease on

A: All of the domains that belong to are available for lease. The current number of domains Is approximately 20,000

Q: Where is the list of domain names that can be leased?

A: You may choose the domain you want from our extensive list viewable here.

Q: Where can I find the leasing agreement?

A: You can review it online here OR, you can download it from leasing page of the domain names.

Q: Who controls the domain? Can I transfer the leased name to my registrar?

A: You have control over the domain via your control panel. Our registrar partner,, provides you with an online control panel, and also with live technical support. During the lease term, Digital Town will still own the domain and is responsible for renewing it each year. During the lease term you are not able to transfer the domain to a different registrar though you point the domain to any hosting provider should you prefer this over Epik’s integrated hosting products.

Q: Are you able to change the WHOIS to my information?

A: We will place the domain under privacy WHOIS if requested.  

Q: Who will renew the domain during the lease term?

A:  The domain is held in escrow and renews automatically by the registrar.

Q: I leased the name and I am ready to publish my website. What should I do?

A: You can either update it online through your control panel, or you can inform us of your name servers of host records. We will immediately change it to your designation.

Q: When will you change the name servers?

A: We immediately alter it upon receipt of lease payment, deposit, uploaded signed agreement, and your identity.

Q: What is the increase in lease fee yearly?

A: We plan on increases of 20% every 5 years. The longer your have your lease (up to 5 years) it will protect you against any incremental increase during those 5 years. The terms for month to Month leases are subject to change.

Q: Do you offer a discount if I pay yearly in advance?

A: No, the pricing is set to offer the lowest possible price. You can lock in the low lease rates by pre-paying for longer periods.

Q: Can I publish any kind of content on my leased name?

A: Improper content cannot be published as it decreases the value of the name. The details of the improper content can be found in the agreement.

Q: What is the general process for the agreement and making the payment?

A: The process is very simple.  Just pick the name here and click on the Lease Now button and follow the step by step process to check out and begin using your domain.

Copyright © DigitalTown Inc.. All rights reserved. * This is a beta registration site for domain leases for the NIAAA members, Athletic Directors and associates located in the United States. DigitalTown and the NIAAA reserved the right on final approval of a domain lease.